From: Michael Tracy-Ireland

To: John King

CC: Annette Franchini; David Green;; Kevin Kroencke; Michael Kinley; Valerie Grey

Date: 10/18/2012 5:28 PM

Subject: PEF appointment of Labor Co-chair to NYSED Statewide Labor-Management Committee

Dear Commissioner,

This is to formally notify you that I have been elected by all eight of the divisions representing PEF members working for NYSED across the state to serve as the PEF Labor representative and Co-chair of NYSED's Statewide Labor-Management Committee. In this capacity, with the assistance of my Labor Co-chair Mike Kinley, it is my intention to work closely and collaboratively with NYSED management to expeditiously address and resolve outstanding workplace issues that would otherwise impede our ability to provide the highest quality public services, while simultaneously promoting a world-class workplace second to none in terms of worker satisfaction and loyalty.

To that end, assuming that you share this vision and are equally committed to achieving it, I would invite an opportunity to meet with you and other SED executive managers in the near future to discuss initiatives we could jointly undertake to foster improved communication and cooperation among and between labor and management within the agency.

I'm sure you'll agree that in these times of increasing fiscal pressures, both NYSED and PEF can ill afford to squander our limited resources pursuing outdated, inefficient and ineffective labor-relations practices that have not produced the expected outcomes. Consequently, I believe the time is now to foster an improved labor-management relationship between PEF and NYSED management; one based upon mutual respect, commitment to achieving our mission and creating a supportive, dynamic workplace that works for all NYSED workers.

I hope you'll join me in this effort.


Michael Tracy-Ireland
PEF Labor-Management Co-chairperson

Michael Tracy-Ireland
Room 375 EBA
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12237