Sue Peters - "The Origins of Money and the Current Debt Crisis"

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Date: Monday, August 12, 2013

Time: 12 Noon

Place: EB 5A/B

Q&A after presentation

All Invited! You don't have to be a PEF member to attend

Bring your own lunch, enjoy, learn and feel free to ask questions


Description of Discussion Topic


All nations use some form of money to facilitate exchange. Law and custom determine which institutions regulate the kind and amount of money available at any time. The decisions of these regulatory institutions affect the fabric of society including its freedoms and the possibility of economic progress and environmental solutions. Through creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the US Congress gave private bankers the power to define and create money ostensibly to provide systemic liquidity. In essence Congress turned over to for-profit corporations an essential economic public policy function. The current fiscal crisis makes it clear that a campaign must be mounted to regain lost public power and oversight. Such a campaign requires knowledge of the history and mechanics of the money system, and in what ways institutional reforms are possible. This lunch talk will offer that history and suggestions for reforms that provide for a stable money supply and therefore a stable, progressive and just economy.


Speaker Biography: Sue Peters


Sue, a computer technologist for over 30 years, has been a reformer for the monetary system since her first day on the job working for a NY multinational commercial bank. She was given the job to support the ‘PROOF’. She didn’t know what that meant, and her boss said nobody else did either. She learned that the ‘PROOF’ was the group of people who tracked every penny of accounting money as it was shipped around the bank. Since then, she has spoken publicly on ‘Changing our Money System” to local groups from the Green Party, Empire State College, Occupy, Henry George School, organic farming groups, and the Left Forum.