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PEF Division 194 - the division of the Public Employees Federation representing professional, scientific and technical workers at the New York State Education Department (NYSED) - invites you to complete an application to become a member of our union.

PEF protects your rights, whether you are a member of the union or an employee fee payer. We take action to ensure that you are not arbitrarily disciplined, terminated or otherwise abused by NYSED management.

There are several advantages to joining our division:

  1. You get to vote on any proposed collective bargaining agreement (labor contract) that spells out the benefits and obligations of NYS employees who work in professional, scientific and technical fields for the Department.

  2. You have a unique opportunity to exert more democratic control over your workplace by participating in elections for local and statewide union leadership. As a union member, you can be a candidate for division leadership positions and statewide office to represent the interests of PEF members.

  3. As a PEF member you can also participate in union-sponsored or initiated advocacy and issue campaigns and have an impact in the larger political context by actively participating in our Political Action Committee (PAC) efforts.

  4. PEF Membership Benefits and PEF Travel services are only available to PEF members.

If you have questions about joining PEF, feel free to contact our Council Leader, Doug Williams, or the shop steward in your program area.

You can return the completed application to Doug Williams or mail it to member services at the following address:

Public Employees Federation
Membership Benefits Program
PEF Division 194
PO Box 12414
Albany, NY 12212

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