Division 194 Benefit Programs


Reimbursement for Defensive Driving

PEF Education Division 194 pays for members who take the National Safety Council Defensive Driving course. We will reimburse up to $25 when provided with a valid receipt documenting course payment by the member and a copy of the certificate of completion to verify attendance. This is only for members and not for family members.


Text Book Reimbursement

PEF Education Division 194 will pay up to $75 per semester for textbook reimbursement for graduate or Undergraduate courses at a recognized institution, when provided with proper documentation and receipts. This is only for members and not for family members.


High School Graduation Award

Daughters and sons of members of PEF Division 194 who graduate from high school or receive a GED high school equivalency diploma for the current school year are eligible to receive a $200 award from our Division. This award recognizes the educational achievements of our members' children and extends good wishes to them in their future endeavors. For this award, the following documentation and information is requested:

  • PEF member’s name, job title, work location, and work phone number (parent of the student eligible to receive the award)
  • Member’s current US Mail address
  • Name of son or daughter and documentation of their graduation from high school for the current school year: photocopy of diploma, final transcript, or other evidence of a diploma or certificate recognized in Regulations of the Commissioner of Education, Part 100


To apply for any of these awards or reimbursements, send all required documentation to:

Donald McManus
PEF Division 194
P.O. Box - 7222, (Capitol Station)
Albany, NY 12224-0222.

And / or by email to: